Throughout the Spring Semester Space Science and CSPAR will be conducting a Colloquium. We invite both faculty and students to join us! Refreshments for the audience are served after the talk. Check for dates, speakers, and topics below. For further information on the Colloquium, please contact


Covid must be test negative. Masks are required for in-person Colloquium. In-person Colloquium will be held Fridays at 12:00pm in Cramer Hall (CRH), room 4078 and on dates provided for each speaking engagement. View Campus Map.

Parking: Visitors need to sign in at the Cramer Hall front desk and have their ID in order to get a parking pass. View Campus Map.

Date: 2/3/23
Speaker: Robert D. Preece, Professor, UAH
Title: Lessons Learned from Time-resolved Spectroscopy of Gamma-Ray Bursts

For 50 years, gamma-ray bursts (GRBs) have eluded answering some very important questions: What powers them? What is the emission mechanism? and What is the composition of their jets? I believe that there are clues to finding the answers to these questions in GRB time-resolved spectroscopy. I will outline what we know from spectroscopic studies, what we can infer and conclude with some well-informed guesses.

Date: 2/17/23
Speaker: Nikolai Pogorelov, Distinguished Professor of Space Science, UAH
Title: From the Heliosphere to the Local Interstellar Medium: MHD and Kinetic
Modeling Confronts Observations

Date: 3/24/23
Speaker: William Matthaeus, Distinguished Professor of Physics, University of Delaware
Title: Dissipation in Space Plasmas

Date: 3/31/23
Speaker: Jakobus Le Roux, Professor, UAH
Title: Modeling the Interaction of Energetic Particles with Small Scale Magnetic
Flux Rope Structures in the Inner Heliosphere

Date: 4/7/23
Speaker: Yu Lin, Professor of Physics, Auburn University
Title: Magnetopause reconnection viewed from global hybrid simulation

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