Contracts for Professional Services

Whenever departments require services that cannot be provided by an employee, a Contract for Professional Services can be executed with an individual or a company. The necessary form and Terms & Conditions are available online, or for purchase through the copy center. The completed contract, approved by the Budget Unit Head and signed by the Contractor, should be submitted in duplicate to Procurement Services. All contracts are reviewed by Office of Counsel and signed (back of form) by the appropriate Vice President. Please refer to Business Services Policies and Procedures Manual, Section VII for additional information.

Note:  All Contracts for Professional Services require that a Disclosure Statement be completed and signed by the vendor. 

A completed W9 form is also required with the Contract for Professional Sevices form.

Routing and Approval

All contracts, except those using contract & grant funds, are submitted to Procurement Services for approval two weeks prior to the beginning of the contracted assignment. If a contract is issued after the formal first day of the period of performance as stated in the contract, an After-the-Fact Justification memorandum should be attached. The process of completing a contract takes approximately five to seven working days after the contract is received in Procurement. Verify the proper procedure with the office of Research Security and Immigration Administration for contracts with foreign nationals before submitting to Procurement.

  1. The contract, properly prepared and signed, with one copy attached, is sent to Procurement Services, BSB.
  2. Procurement reviews and sends to Office of Counsel.
  3. Office of Counsel reviews and approves or disapproves.
  4. The contract is returned to Procurement.
  5. If the contract is not approved by Office of Counsel, Procurement returns it with an explanation to the department. If Office of Counsel approves the contract, the Associate Vice President of Business Services initials it.
  6. The contract is forwarded to the appropriate Vice President for signature.
  7. The contract is returned to Procurement. The copy of the completed contract, with contract number assigned, is returned to the originating department. The original contract with original approval of Office of Counsel is kept on file in Procurement Services.

If a contract must be changed in any way after it is completed, an Amendment is necessary. The Amendment (signed by Budget Unit Head and contractor), with a copy of the original contract attached, is sent to Procurement. It then follows the same processing and approval procedures, as did the contract.

Payment Against Contracts

An Issue Check Requisition must be entered in the Banner system by the originating department. Requisitions for payment must contain the following information:

  1. Contract Number
  2. Payment Number (if more than one)
  3. Description of Services Provided
  4. Period of Performance
  5. Social Security or Tax Identification Number

A copy of the contract and invoice, when applicable, is sent or faxed to Procurement with the Requisition number.

Payment for UAH employees on contract is generated by PAF (Personnel Action Form).

Completing The Contract Form

  1. "Approved By" – Obtain the signature of the Budget Unit Head or other person with authority for the budget, with name typed or printed below the signature.
    "Budget Unit Name" – Enter the department initiating the Contract.
    "Date" – Enter the date the Budget Unit Head signed the Contract.
    "Return Contract To" – Enter the name and campus mailing address of individual who should receive copy of the completed Contract.
    "General Terms Provided to Contractor" – Check this line to indicate that Contractor has received a copy of the General Terms and Conditions (GTC) with the Contract. Contractor keeps the GTC after signing and returning the Contract.
    "Employee" – Check if the Contractor is, or is not, an employee of UAH.
  2. "Contractor" – Enter the complete name of the individual or company entering into the Contract.
  3. "Scope of Work" – Describe the duties and services the Contractor is required to perform.
  4. "Compensation" – Enter the Organization number to which payment is to be charged; check the applicable provisions (a, b, c, d, e, or f).
  5. "Term" – Enter the period in which services will be performed (Example: "September 16-17, Year)
  6. "Additional Provisions" – Describe any provisions that are different from the GTC. 
     The Failure of Appropriations paragraph below for terms of contract that extend over the current fiscal year
  7. "Receipt of Pension question needs to be answered by contractor with the individual's initials, not with check mark or "X" .
  8. "Board of Trustees" – Leave blank for signature.
    "Name" – Type or print the Vice President's name. 
    – Enter the Vice President's title.
    "Date" – The Vice President enters the date he or she signs the Contract.
  9.  "Contractor""By" - Obtain the signature of the individual entering into the Contract with UAH.
    "Name" – Type or print the name of the individual signing the Contract 
    – Enter the title of the individual signing the Contract, if the Contractor is a company 
    – Enter the Contractor's address 
    "Soc. Sec. No./Tax Identification Number"
    – Enter the Social Security number or the Passport number if the Contractor is an individual; enter the Tax ID number if the Contractor is a company.
    "Date" – Enter the date Contractor signed the Contract.

 Insert the paragraph below for terms of contract that extend over the current fiscal year in the Professional Services Contract form (6. Additional Provisions)

Failure of Appropriations:
The University believes that funds can be obtained sufficient to pay all monies due during the Contract Term and hereby covenants that it will use its best efforts to pay such monies. It is the University's intent to pay monies due for the full Contract Term if funds are legally available therefore. If no funds or insufficient funds are appropriated and budgeted in any fiscal period for monies due under this Contract, the University will immediately notify Contractor of such occurrence and this Contract shall terminate on the last day of the fiscal period for which appropriations were received without penalty of expense to the University of any kind whatsoever, except as to the portions of monies herein agreed upon for which funds shall have been appropriated and budgeted.