Board of Trustees approve changes

At the June 2019 Board of Trustees meeting, changes to Board Rule 406 were adopted and became effective immediately.  The System Office has updated the Board Manual, you can refer to the complete ruling here for context.  Below is a summary of the revisions. 

 Contracts Requiring Board Approval:

  • All contracts for goods and services involving an expenditure of $1,000,000 or more, paid over the initial term (plus any renewals) of the contract, not procured through a competitive process.
  • All consulting and/or professional services contracts involving an expenditure of $250,000 or more for the term of the contract and regardless of whether the contracts result from a competitive process.

Exemptions to the requirement:

  • Contracts that are otherwise required to be submitted to and approved by the Board, such as construction and technology contracts.
  • Contracts with publicly regulated utilities.
  • Sponsored Research Grants and Contracts, including associated subcontracts.

Changes to the submission process for professional services contracts 

The usual process for submitting contracts for professional services should be followed.  However, in order for contracts to be eligible for consideration for inclusion on the Board of Trustees agenda, additional documentation is now required.  

General contract submission:

  • Contract
  • Vendor Disclosure
  • Independent Contractor Form (required for all individuals and sole proprietors)
  • W9 (required for new vendors or if name/address of existing vendor has changed)

In addition to the above forms, submit the following to Business Services.

New documentation requirements:

  • Contract Summary Term Sheet
  • Resolution-see a sample resolution here
    • Note: there is not a template for resolutions.  Each one will be unique to the contract it represents.  The resolution "tells the story" of the facts and the action requested for approval. 

Once these documents have been received in Business Services, we will forward the packet to the UAH Office of Counsel for review and then to the appropriate Vice President and President.  The Board now requires a letter of recommendation from the Vice President to the campus President as well as a letter from the President to the Board of Trustees requesting consideration.  

 Calendar and submission deadlines

The Board of Trustees only meets periodically and all documentation must be received in the UA System Office by the submission deadline for inclusion on the agenda.  

Upcoming Board of Trustees meetings:

  • November 4-5, 2021
    • Must be submitted to Business Services by September 22, 2021
  • February 3-4, 2022
    • Must be submitted to Business Services by December 15, 2021
  • April 7-8, 2022
    • Must be submitted to Business Services by February 16, 2022
  • June 9-10, 2022
    • Must be submitted to Business Services by April 20, 2022