IRS Educational Tax Credits Information

Under the Tax Relief Act (TRA) of 1997, students, or tax payers claiming students as dependents, can claim a tax credit on their Federal income tax return for qualified tuition and fees paid during a calendar year. Qualified fees include tuition, lab fees, engineering equipment fees, and other fees necessary for the enrollment of a student during a given semester. Housing charges, meal tickets, decal fees, flex accounts, and other non-tuition items do not qualify for reimbursement under the Hope or Lifetime Learning Tax Credits.

Qualified payments are payments paid out-of-pocket and include cash payments, student loans, and payments made by the Alabama PACT Program. Scholarships, grants, employer/sponsor tuition assistance, and any other payments not paid out-of-pocket do not qualify for reimbursement and must be deducted from the tuition and fees charges.

Students will be sent a 1098-T tax form no later than January 31 if they were enrolled at UAH at any time during the previous tax year. Beginning with the 2003 tax year, institutions are required to report dollar amounts regarding the cost of qualified tuition and related expenses. If your grant and scholarship amounts received during the tax year meet or exceed what you were charged for tuition you may not receive a 1098-T form. Also, if you do not have a social security number on file or are enrolled using a foreign Visa you will not receive a 1098-T form.

If you need detailed information regarding what you paid for tuition and fees log on to MyUAH.

Please click on the link at the top of this page for more information regarding the Tax Relief Act. If students require additional information concerning their accounts for tax purposes they can come to the Bursar's Office or call (256) 824-6226.

Students who need a duplicate 1098-T form may log in to their MyUAH account to print a copy. For more information on how to obtain a copy, look under our FAQs section.