melissa brown

Melissa Brown

Budget Officer II

Backup for Tammy Haymon 

Banner Access - Please complete the Self Service or INB form under the Forms tab.

Budget Support for Colleges and Research

FAST Training Conference

Revenue and Operating Transfers for Colleges and Research



Our office provides access to Banner Finance Self-Service or Internet Native Banner (Admin).  

You will need Self-Service access if you:

  1. Handle budget statements for your department (Query access)
  2. Enter requisitions (Posting access)
  3. Approve timesheets (Web-time Entry)
  4. Have faculty development, startup, or PI (Principal Investigator) Incentive accounts

Please send completed access forms to Melissa Brown.



 tammy haymon obmi

Tammy Haymon

Budget Officer II

Account Clearing in preparation for Closeout

Backup for Melissa Brown

Budget Support for All University Areas except Colleges and Research

Revenue and Operating Transfers for All Areas except Colleges and Research

Banner Self-Service Finance Training



Our office provides training for Banner My Finance Self-Service navigation.  The training provided focuses on reading budget queries and budget management (reading budget statements and accessing e-Print reports).  Please contact Tammy Haymon for more information or register below.

Our office does NOT provide Requisition, Web-Time Entry, or ePAF training.  Please contact Procurement or Human Resources.


My Finance Self-Service Training

Please allow 1 to 1 ½ hours for a training session.

Register for Individual Training here.

Register for Group Training here.


Banner Finance Self-Service Training Videos:


Banner Finance Self-Service Training PowerPoint PDFs:


Helpful My Finance Self-Service Information


  • Banner 9 Test Environment Available - Test link:  My Finance Test Link, please let Melissa Brown know if you need access to the test environment
  • All modules EXCEPT the Budget Queries are still live in Banner 8.  When you are in Banner 9 and want to navigate back to Banner 8, click on the Four Square menu in the upper left corner and choose Banner Finance. Clicking on this menu will take you to Banner 8.
  • For information on current Banner 9 Cases with Ellucian Support, please contact Tammy Haymon.
  • We want to hear from you if you have issues. To share your feedback for My Finance Self-Service, this form: My Finance Feedback Form, is provided for your convenience. Please email screenshot examples at the same time you send your form.