As we embark upon a new year, I hope that we are all resolving to make our health and wellness a top priority in 2024. UAH is committed to providing benefits and resources to help everyone meet their goals and be the best and healthiest version of themselves! A few reminders as we begin this new year—attached you will find a summary of open enrollment changes for the 2024 calendar year as well as additional reminders outlined in the email below.

Health Insurance

For those who currently have coverage, you can continue to use your current health insurance card, as the contract number is not changing. New plan participants will be mailed new cards. If you have not yet received medical insurance cards, you can register on myBlueCross by using the applicable group number: (PPO: 79912 or HDHP: 97370). You can then locate your virtual ID card and email, text, or print. Attached are instructions on how to obtain insurance information through the BCBS mobile app. Any insurance changes that you made during Open Enrollment will take effect on January 1st. Please remember that all insurance deductibles operate on a calendar year basis, meaning that deductible balances reset effective January 1st.


Premium Changes—New year premium changes will take effect as follows:

    • Medical, dental, vision, and identity theft insurance premiums for faculty paid over the academic year (F9/FV) will take effect on your December 22nd check. All other premium changes—Flexible Spending Account and/or Health Savings Account contributions, voluntary life and accident, and short-term disability—will take effect on your January 5th check.
    • All new year premium changes for 12-month faculty and staff will take effect on your January 5th check.
    • 2024 PPO Rates can be found by following this link. 



Flexible Spending Account (FSA) and Health Savings Accounts (HSA)

2023 FSA Participants

    • The FSA run-out period is from January through March, 90 days after the plan year ends. This is the deadline for submitting claims incurred in the prior plan year. If you paid out of pocket for any qualified expenses in the 2023 calendar year and still have a remaining balance in your account, don’t forget to upload your receipts for reimbursement within the run-out period.


2024 FSA Participants


Employees who enrolled in the Health Care FSA will have the full annual contribution you elected during open enrollment loaded onto your FSA card after the January 5th payroll. Existing FSA participants can continue to use their existing card. New enrollees should have received a new card through mail from PayFlex. 



High Deductible Health Plan (HDHP) and Health Savings Account (HSA) Reminders

    • You must satisfy your entire deductible balance before insurance begins to pay towards your medical or prescription claims. The 2024 annual deductible is $1,600 individual and $3,200 family.
    • Your Health Savings Account (HSA) will be loaded with the full annual employer contribution upon the January 5th payroll, which can be used to pay for qualified out of pocket expenses.
    • Existing HSA participants can continue to use their existing card. New enrollees will receive a new card through mail from PayFlex. You can make or change your employee HSA contribution at any time throughout the year in the HR Connection portal.

PayFlex Rebranding

PayFlex is changing their name to Inspira Financial in early 2024. We will keep you informed about the rebranding transition as changes occur. For the time being, you will continue to use the same website and member services number.


New Employee Assistance Plan (EAP) Provider


Beginning January 1st, ComPsych will be our new EAP provider. They will offer all of the same EAP benefits as Uprise Health, plus much more comprehensive counseling and resource support. ComPsych offers 24/7 confidential emotional support to include 5 free in-person sessions per year for you and your dependents. Additionally, ComPsych has expanded services for digital support and work life benefits.


Starting January 1st, to access the new EAP services, call 888.283.3515 or access online at Enter Web ID: UAS


Please direct any questions to or contact the benefits office directly.


Employee Benefits Team

UAH Human Resources

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Phone: 256.824.6640

Fax: 256.824.6908

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