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Medical PPO Plan

2024 Plan Summary | Summary of Benefits and Coverage

PPO Premium Structure Change

PPO Medical Plan premium structure will be changing in 2024. Current PPO rates are based upon employees base annual salary. You can view the current premium schedule. The salary-based rate structure was designed to help off-set premium costs to benefit those with lower salaries. There have been unintended challenges and hardships for employees as they moved into a new salary band with increased premium. In efforts to reduce frustration, create a simpler rate structure, and align with the HDHP Plan and other UAS campuses, UAH will discontinue salary banded premium structure beginning January 1, 2024. There will be one standard PPO rate going forward.

View the 2023/2024 Rate Comparison Matrix to see how the rates will be changing.

  • Low Salary Band (<$40,000): Rates will be increasing.
  • Middle Salary Band ($40,001-$80,000): No premium increase for employees in this salary band. The middle band will now become the standard rate.
  • High Salary Band ($80,001+): Employees in the higher salary band will experience a premium decrease.
12 Month Employees
Coverage TierStandardGrandfatheredPremium Assistance
Single Coverage $50.00 $36.95 $0.00
Employee + Child(ren) $168.00 $80.00 $118.00
Employee + Family $225.75 $96.75 $175.75
9 Month Employees
Coverage TierStandardGrandfatheredPremium Assistance
Single Coverage $66.67 $48.33 $0.00
Employee + Child(ren) $224.00 $106.67 $157.33
Employee + Family $301.00 $129.00 $243.33


Assistance Programs

To aid employees in the lower salary band with this premium increase, UAH will offer two different programs.

Premium Grandfathering

Current participants in the low salary band will be grandfathered into the current rate structure and will not receive a premium increase. Employees must be enrolled in the UAH PPO Plan on December 31, 2023 to be eligible for this benefit.

All details regarding grandfathering can be found in the Grandfather Provision.

Grandfathering Provision 

Premium Assistance Program

UAH will provide premium assistance to benefit-eligible active employees by giving a $50.00 bi-weekly medical premium discount, based on (1) family size and (2) total combined household income set at 1.75x the Federal Poverty Level.

To apply for this discount, employees must submit the Premium Assistance Application and furnish acceptable proof of total annual household. Current employees should apply and submit documentation during Open Enrollment.

Premium Assistance Application


Health Notices

Health Insurance Model Notices


Teladoc, a telemedicine benefit, is provided to employees currently enrolled in UAH medical coverage. This benefit allows employees to talk with experienced doctors anytime, anywhere.  All Teladoc doctors are board-certified and state-licensed. Read more.

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Web and Mobile App Features

Getting Started | Online Tools | Mobile App

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Alabama offers a variety of features through their web and mobile app tools.  myBlue Cross and the mobile app contain a Virtual ID card feature.  They also allow members to find participating providers and compare or estimate costs for medical treatments by using the Treatment Cost Estimator.