The Research and Creative Experiences for Undergraduates (RCEU) Program is pleased to announce that Project Descriptions for the Summer 2023 period are now posted at the link below:

Students are being encouraged to review the above list and to contact you by email to express an interest in your project. You must also sign up for a ChargerPath account because students may wish to contact you using ChargerPath rather than email. Sign up for a ChargerPath here:

You have a responsibility to meet in person with any student who expresses an interest in your project by contacting you via email or ChargerPath. Please do not close your project to meet with students too soon. We recommend waiting until the end of this semester or no later than the first week in the Spring semester to make a final decision on a student to work with you on the project.

Final proposals will be due early in January. A template and guidelines from last year for the final, full proposals are posted at this link:

A reminder and any revised instructions will be provided before the final deadline.

Congratulations on this first start for your RCEU 2023 project!


Point of Contact:
Tobias M. Mendelson, J.D., MAcc
Clinical Assistant Professor of Accounting
College of Business|UAH
O 256.824.6693 C 917.562.3054

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