It is now time to start planning for submission of the annual Faculty Activity Reports (FAR/FARE). We will be using Faculty180 for the FAR/FAREs just like we did last spring. All full-time faculty (lecturers, clinical, tenure-earning, and tenured) are required to submit an annual FAR/FARE within Faculty180.

  • Faculty will have from March 1st until April 1st to review, edit, and upload any information for their (FAR/FARE). As a reminder, faculty are able to update their “Activities” in Faculty180 year-round but they must submit their FAR/FARE which includes a summary by April 1.
  • Chairs will have from April 2nd to April 19th to review the FARs and provide written evaluations within the Faculty180 system.
  • Faculty will then have from April 20th to April 30th to “acknowledge” the Chair’s evaluation. Faculty are provided an opportunity to respond in writing during this period in the system.
  • Deans will have from May 3rd through May 18th to “acknowledge” the evaluation. They will also have an opportunity to add any comments.

This process is for all Colleges and all full-time faculty (lecturers, clinical, tenure-earning, and tenured). Faculty should refer to their College’s administrators to determine specific submission requirements.

Faculty members need to use the electronic process and be mindful of the due dates. Reappointments and merit increases are dependent on the information contained in the FAR submission. Please follow the process and meet all deadlines.  The deadlines follow the faculty Handbook and are not negotiable.

Support for faculty will be provided by the UAH Enhanced Teaching and Learning (ETL). Throughout the open period, ETL will provide multiple opportunities for support as listed below.

Support Opportunities

o   Thursday, Mar 4th                           2-4 pm

o   Friday, Mar 5th                                 2-4 pm

o   Monday, Mar 15th                            2-4 pm

o   Tuesday, Mar 16th                          2-4 pm

o   Monday-Friday, Mar 22nd - 26th   3-4 pm


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