It is my pleasure to release Perpetua Volume 5, Issue 1 to you all.  I would like to extend my sincere expression of gratitude for the generous contribution of all the Perpetua staff, undergraduate researchers, graduate students, faculty, administrators, and alumni who have given their time towards the growth and realization of this publication. 

You can also support us and order a book for $8 for a hard copy at this link or on our website at the top of the page:  If you would like to join our staff or contribute your research for next semester’s publication, we welcome all UAH undergraduate students & submissions.

Stemming from this, I would like to announce next semester's Call For Papers. The UAH Journal of Undergraduate Research, Perpetua, is now accepting manuscripts to be considered for publication in the Spring 2021 issue. Undergraduate students from all disciplines and majors who have completed research under the guidance of a faculty or research staff member are encouraged to submit their work. Please view the attached flyer for more information if you are interested in submitting a manuscript.

Ashleigh Oliver
Editor-in-Chief, Perpetua

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