In these uncertain times and new frontiers we are navigating, students may have difficulty adjusting to the remote/online environment.  The UAH Student Success Center Canvas course has 30 modules each with a video and downloadable handout to serve as a resource for your students. The entire course is available in Canvas Commons so that you can directly import the module into your course. 

The following modules are targeted at supporting your students in their virtual learning: 

  • How to Thrive in an Online Class
  • Structuring Your Environment (Remote Learning)
  • Types of Online Classes
  • UAH Technologies 

In addition, there is an asynchronous PowerPoint presentation available in Canvas Commons called A Guide to Virtual Learning that will provide a broad overview of the topics listed above. To add content to your course: Click on the Commons icon on your Global Navigation Menu or click the link above and search by title. Click on the page, module, or course you would like to import. Then click on Import/Download. If you need further instructions, contact ETL.

If your students want more information on any of the topics found in the SSC Canvas Course encourage them to make an appointment with an Academic Coach. Appointments are available in person in the SSC and online via Zoom. 

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