A HUGE thank you to all faculty who expressed their interest in serving on the University Standing Committees and to Joy Porter for organizing submissions and preparing the ballot. 
Faculty Senate and University Committee service is an important role in advocating for faculty and coordinating and enhancing communication to the faculty senate for discussion and decisions. The Faculty Senate has been working hard to re-invigorate University committees along with President Dawson and Provost Curtis who support renewed involvement of the faculty in shared governance via these and other University committees.
The following faculty were elected at the September Faculty Senate Meeting to represent you on these committees. 
Please congratulate them when you see them. 
Campus Planning:
Sharon Spencer (NUR)
William MacKenzie (BUS) 
Kader Frendi (ENG)
Financial Aid:
Michael Banish (ENG)
Frank Mullins (BUS)
Mark Reynolds (NUR)
Intercollegiate Athletics:
Tammy Clemmons (NUR)
Employee Benefits (needed 4 and only 4 were listed)
Qiana Hu (SCI)
Kader Frendi (ENG)
Ravi Patnayakuni (BUS)

Casey Norris (NUR)

Student Conduct Board (needed 1 and only had 1)
Deborah Heikes (CAHS)
For more information, please see the Faculty Senate or the Provost’s websites.

Again, thank you & congratulations to those elected! 
Chair, Faculty Senate Governance & Senate Operations Committee

To submit an announcement, contact omc@uah.edu.
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