In a memo dated April 12, 2018, President Altenkirch announced the Summer Flex Schedule for the University. This memo provides instructions for recording timesheets during the summer flex schedule that runs from May 23 – July 31, 2018. 

  • Memorial Day and July 4th Holiday will be recorded as a 9.25-Hour Holiday on the timesheet. You will input 9.25 hours “Holiday Pay” on 5/28/18 and 7/4/18.
  • If your flex day falls on one of the holidays, you should report 3 hours admin leave on 5/28/18 & 7/4/17 instead of holiday hours. You will defer your holiday to another day and it must be taken before July 31. 
  • Vacation, Sick, or Personal leave taken will be based on the number of hours scheduled to work that day. 
  • Those who work 1.00 FTE, on the flex schedule, will report 9.25 hours of leave if the employee is taking the entire day off. The employee will report the actual number of hours if the leave taken is less than a full day. 
  • Non-exempt employees who currently report hours worked on their timesheet will report their time as actually worked: 
  • Non-Exempt employees will input 3 hours of Administrative Leave for each flex day. 
  • Summer Flex Schedule 2018 Memo.docx 5/22/18 
  • If a non-exempt employee charges to a research account, the 3 hours will need to be reported as Business Interruption Insurance (BII) administrative leave on the timesheet for each flex day. 
  • Exempt employees will report the 3 hours administrative leave on their flex day. Exempt employees on research will report the 3 hours as BII administrative leave. 
  • The 3 hours of administrative leave is based on 1.0 FTE. Administrative leave will be prorated for those working less than 1.0 FTE. For example, if you work 0.80 FTE, the administrative leave to be recorded on your flex day will be 0.80 x 3 hours = 2.4 hours. 
  • On-Call Employees (including students) are not eligible for the Administrative Leave. 
  • The above is based on employees working 1.00 FTE. Employees working less than 1.00 FTE will be prorated based on the actual FTE work. 

Please note the above timesheet recording applies to only those who chose to work the 4-day summer flex schedule. There is no change on how employees record their leave if they chose to work the normal 5-day 40-hour schedule. 

Please call the payroll office at 2254 or email Diane Gibbs at if you have any questions. Additional information can be found on the Payroll Services website here:


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