When does the summer schedule begin and end?

The summer schedule begins on May 22, 2019 and ends July 30, 2019.

Will this change when we get paid?

Pay dates will remain on Fridays as shown on the payroll calendar.

How should I complete my timesheet?

Non-Exempt employees will need to enter time worked and enter 3 hours of ADMINISTRATIVE LEAVE pay on every Flex day, based on the idea that 37 hours is the time worked for the week. Exempt employees will need to enter 3 hours of ADMINSTRATIVE LEAVE pay on every Flex day. The 3 hours of ADMINISTRATIVE LEAVE pay is based on 1.00 FTE. Employees working less than 1.00 FTE will be prorated based on the actual FTE worked.

I am a Research Employee. How do I complete my timesheet?

Research employees will need to use the administrative leave code ADMIN BII to enter the 3 hours of administrative leave every Flex day on their timesheet.

What if I need to take leave on one of the four work days?

Vacation, sick or personal leave would be based on the number of hours scheduled to work that day. Those who work 1.00 FTE will report 9.25 hours of leave on days they are off.

What happens if there is a holiday?

Employees following the flex schedule should claim 9.25 hours of HOLIDAY pay.  If the holiday falls on a flex day the holiday must be used by July 30, 2019. For non 1.0 FTE employees the holiday would be prorated based on the employee's FTE. (ex.) 80 % employee would receive a 7.4 hour holiday.  If you are not following the flex schedule you will report 8 hours of holiday.

Will I get overtime pay if I work over 37 hours in one week?

The administrative leave hours will count towards regular time worked – in the event that the weekly total of hours exceeds 40 hours, the employee will receive overtime pay.

What if I have to work extra hours in a pay period and I am not eligible for overtime, can I use those hours as time off in a future pay period?

Yes, as long as the time is used prior to July 30, 2019 and is approved by the immediate supervisor.

Will the dates of timesheet submissions be changed?

All dates will remain the same as is stated on the payroll calendar, unless specific instructions are given to change them.

I'm an 80% employee (.80 FTE). How many hours per day should I work and how much ADMINSTRATIVE pay do I enter on flex days?

80% employees should work 29.60 hours per week and report 2.4 hours of ADMINISTRATIVE LEAVE time on flex days.