UX Class Workshop

The UX minor aims to bring together several different disciplines to create a robust, rigorous, and multifaceted program. These various disciplines and courses will come together in service of providing students a broad, applicable UX education. Students in the UX minor will meet the following learning objectives:

  • Identify core theoretical principles and research methods of user experience.
  • Apply UX research methods to analyze the behavior, needs, goals, frustrations, and emotions of real-world users.
  • Design and prototype solutions for the problems identified by the user experience research.
    Evaluate the effectiveness of products, technologies, and services in meeting user needs and providing a satisfying experience.
  • Develop recommendations for improving the UX of new products, prototypes, and existing products, technologies, and services.

UX Minor

Listing of Courses with Credit Hour Requirements

The UX Minor will require the following courses, totaling 24-25 hours.



Technical Course (Choose CS 1XX, IS 210, or ARS 332)


Statistics Course (Choose PY 300+L, SOC 303/304, ISE 390, MA 385, or MSC 288)


ARS 230: Graphic Design


EH 301: Technical Writing


PY/ISE 403: Human Factors Psychology


CM/EH 452: User-Centered Design


PY 410: Rapid Prototyping


CM/EH 442: Usability Studies




Top Programs for adding UX Minor:

Art, Psychology, English, Communication Arts, Writing, Computer Science, Marketing, Information Systems, and Industrial & Systems Engineering.

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Student spotlight 

Abigail Vo

Current BA Psychology

Usability Studies has helped me connect theory to practice. In the classroom, hands-on projects have given me the confidence to perform well at my co-op. For example, leading team projects is something that I’ve become more comfortable with by taking UX courses at UAH.