Student Advising

If you're interested in philosophy, email for an appointment to speak with one of our faculty members.

Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy

We offer a comprehensive curriculum that encompasses both ancient and contemporary philosophy, with emphasis on major figures in the field and their rational systems; ethics and morality; aesthetics; science; and the questions that continue to challenge us as humans. Students in the degree program will develop their critical thinking and analytical skills in preparation for an advanced degree or a wide variety of careers

Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy - Pre Law

New for Fall 2022, Students majoring in philosophy with a concentration in pre-law must complete a minimum of 30 semester hours in philosophy with at least 21 semester hours at the 300-level or above.

For a full list of requirements for the Philosophy major, visit the UAH Catalog.


Philosophy Minor

Students minoring in philosophy must complete at least 21 semester hours in philosophy, including PHL 103, PHL 102 and PHL 301 or PHL 302 and have at least 12 hours at the 300 level. A list of additional philosophy courses that might best complement a student's major and/or academic interests is available upon request.

Every philosophy degree at UAH also requires a minor or a closely related set of courses that is approved by the Chair of Philosophy as a sufficient substitute for a minor.

For a full list of requirements for the Philosophy minor, visit the UAH Catalog.


Pre-Law Certificate Program

UAH's Pre-Law Certificate Program is designed to provide students guidance in taking classes that will not only assist them in getting into law school but also prepare them for success once they get there.

The Pre-Law Certificate Program can be completed in conjunction with any combination of major and minor. Many of the program's classes will also satisfy Charger Foundations, so students may be able to complete the program with few, if any, classes beyond those already required for a UAH degree.