Primary Sources

  • Information on primary and secondary sources.
  • Internet History Sourcebooks Project - A collection of public domain and copy-permitted historical texts for educational use.
  • Roy Rosenzweig Center for History and New Media - Educational resources and courses; open-source software, online exhibits, and collecting sites; and forums to develop knowledge and build community among those in the humanities working with digital technology.
  • AMDOCS - Collection of documents for the study of American history.
  • EuroDocs - Collection of documents for the study of European history.
  • UCLA Center for East Asian Studies - Collection of documents for the study of Asia.
  • Silk Road Narratives: A Collection of Historical Texts - Collection of primary sources from all along the Silk Road.
  • Nazi and East German Propaganda Guide Page - Includes both propaganda and material produced for the guidance of propagandists.
  • Early Modern Resources - A mix of primary and secondary sources that are largely European in focus.
  • Web Sources for Military History - A mix of primary and secondary sources with an emphasis on Europe and the Americas.
  • Smithsonian Source - Colonial America.
  • Rosenbach Museum and Library - Manuscripts on George Washington.
  • Historical Society of Pennsylvania - A large collection encompassing more than 350 years of American history.

Secondary Sources

Publisher Websites

Writing Resources

Bibliographic Resources

  • ZOTERO - A tremendously useful (and free!) Firefox plug-in that automatically downloads citations, then inserts them into your Word documents in whatever format you choose.
  • The Chicago Manual of Style - A handy quick reference as you're formatting your footnotes and bibliography.