Public Programming

Our Public Programming Grants fund programs that enrich the intellectual and professional lives of UAH faculty and students as well as the Huntsville community.

  • In Spring 2019, the Humanities Center sponsored the inaugural conference of the Society for Anticolonial Middle Eastern and North African Thought, with an international lineup of scholars discussing the ethics of drone warfare, the politics of the hijab, the meaning of Arab identity, and the possibility of democracy in the region.
  • In Spring 2022, the Humanities Center sponsored the inaugural Huntsville Human Rights Film Festival, elevating the twin themes of environmental and social justice through documentaries, feature-length films, guest speakers, artists, and performances.

Eminent Scholars

Our Eminent Scholar Grants contribute to the intellectual growth of UAH faculty and students at UAH, increase the visibility of the humanities in the Huntsville community, and highlights the value of the humanities to matters of public interest.

  • In Spring 2015, the Humanities Center sponsored a Sound Studies Symposium, featuring internationally renowned guest speakers Joy Calico, Trevor Pinch, and Jonathan Sterne.
  • In Fall 2016, the Humanities Center sponsored a symposium on the work of French philosopher Alain Badiou.

Library Enhancement

Our Library Enhancement Grants also enhance the diversity and depth of instructional programming at UAH as well as the research capacities of our students and faculty.