Who We Are

The UAH Humanities Center coordinates opportunities for members of the UAH campus and the Huntsville region to experience and benefit from the skills and knowledge the derive from the humanities. We believe in the power of the humanities to connect people, navigate differences, and safeguard the possibility of a common social life in the face of radical disagreement.

What Are the Humanities?

The humanities are a collection of academic disciplines that examine what it is to be human. They serve to better understand how we understand and express ourselves, how we construct and experience the world in which we live, how we relate to others and how we might improve those relations. Studying the humanities teaches critical thinking, reasoned discourse, inclusiveness, civility, empathy, and compassion—skills and values that are essential for a vibrant and thriving democracy.

What We Do

Our Public Programming and Eminent Scholar Grants bring prominent authors and scholars to the UAH campus to discuss humanities-related topics, increase the visibility of the humanities in the Huntsville community, and highlight the value of the humanities to matters of public interest.

Our Research and Travel Grants support the professional development and scholarly productivity of our humanities faculty. Our Library Enhancement Grants also enhance the diversity and depth of instructional programming at UAH and enhance the research capacities of our students and faculty.