Research can be described in many ways.

Any scholarly and/or creative projects in which both a faculty/researcher and student are collaborative partners in examining, creating, and sharing new knowledge or works in ways consistent with practices in the discipline.

The methods, approaches, and results may be different depending on the field of study. Some examples are:

  • Composing and arranging a music piece
  • Working in a science/engineering laboratory or doing field study outdoors
  • Investigating a historic site and/or event
  • Developing a marketing campaign or management plan for a local organization
  • Writing a computer program or designing a website
  • Interviewing people and gathering data about their experiences or opinions
  • Text-based research in the humanities using both primary and secondary sources
  • Creating a sculpture or painting

It's important to remember that undergraduates work closely with a faculty member or researcher on their research or creative projects. As part of their mentorship they will help you to identify and frame a significant question that your research will answer, help you design your research plan, help you to analyze your findings, help you to write up your results, and finally help you to share your findings with others.


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