Report an Incident

UAH is committed to providing an environment that respects the dignity of its students, faculty, and staff and is free from all forms of sex discrimination, sexual harassment, and sexual violence. The University will respond promptly and effectively to Reports of Prohibited Conduct and will take appropriate action to prevent its occurrence, correct and address its effects, provide Supportive Measures, and, when warranted, issue discipline for violations of this Policy.

How to Report

  • Gender discrimination
  • Sexual harassment (including sexual misconduct and violence)
  • Retaliation for reporting sexual harassment

Report an Incident

Confidentiality and Privacy

  • To protect individual privacy, the University will only share information related to a Report or Formal Complaint of Prohibited Conduct with a limited circle of University employees who “need to know” to assist in the assessment, investigation, and resolution of the Report or Formal Complaint, as well as the implementation of Supportive Measures. The privacy of student education records will be protected in accordance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (“FERPA”), as outlined in the University’s Student 22 Records (FERPA) Policy. The privacy of an individual’s medical and related records generally is protected by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (“HIPAA”), excepting health records protected by FERPA.
  • Confidential Resources
    • Employees who qualify for the confidentiality privilege by law will maintain strict confidentiality in all circumstances. These include employees at the Student Health Clinic, Faculty and Clinic and Counseling Services. Reporting discrimination or misconduct through such employees will not serve as notice to the University to address the alleged discrimination or misconduct.


  • Retaliation is any action that has the effect of punishing a person for engaging in a legally protected activity under Title IX, such as alleging Prohibited Conduct, filing a Formal Complaint, assisting or participating in an investigation, proceeding or hearing of such a Formal Complaint, refusing to participate in any manner in an investigation, proceeding or hearing under this Policy or advocating for others’ Title IX rights. Examples of retaliatory actions include suspension, demotion, or termination in the employment context; lowering a grade or dismissing a student from a program; or maliciously and purposefully interfering with, threatening, or damaging the academic or professional career of another individual before, during, or after the investigation and resolution of a Report or Formal Complaint of Prohibited Conduct. This Policy prohibits retaliation in the form of harassment, intimidation, threats, or coercion, or in the form of any materially adverse harm that would dissuade a reasonable student, employee, or third party from filing a complaint or participating in a Prohibited Conduct related investigation or hearing.

    Intimidation, threats, coercion, or discrimination, including bringing charges against an individual for violating other UAH policies that do not involve sex discrimination or sexual harassment but arise out of the same facts or circumstances as a Report or Formal Complaint of sexual harassment, for the purposes of interfering with any right or privilege secured by Title IX constitutes retaliation.