Can I use these forms for other in-class needs?

No, these forms are to be used solely for classroom examinations that you need to be scanned.

How long does it take to receive my test results?

We guarantee a turn-around time of 48 hours.

How will I know when my test results are ready?

We provide all test results via email to your UAH email address. Once you receive the email, you can stop by at your convenience to retrieve the answer sheets.

What is the process an instructor follows when submitting a classroom examination for scanning?

After the test has been administered, instructors can deliver the answer sheets and an answer key to Wilson Hall 225 in a test scanning envelope. If after office hours, you may put the envelope in the drop box (outside door) next-day processing. Envelopes can be picked up in Wilson Hall 225 and should be saved and used each time a test is delivered. You can also attach a Test Scanning Form to your own envelope.

What reports are included in the test results?

On your test scanning envelope, check off the items you wish to receive.

If you select "PDF Reports" you will receive:

  • Test Statistics Report: analysis of overall class performance
  • Respondent Statistics Report: one-page report that shows performance by all students
  • Frequency Distribution Report: shows the frequency within grade ranges
  • Item Analysis Report: shows the frequency of marked answer choices
  • Grade Report: one page per each student that shows performance and is meant to be handed out to students

If you select "Excel Reports" you will receive the Test Statistics, Respondent Statistics and the Frequency Distribution Reports in Excel format only.

If you select "PDF and Excel Reports", you will receive every report in PDF format and also the Test Statistics, Respondent Statistics and Frequency Distribution Reports in Excel format.

Where do I obtain answer sheets and is there a charge?

You may pick up blank answer sheets in Wilson Hall 225, free of charge. We ask that you take only as many blank forms as you will need for a semester.

Why do I need to pick up my answer sheets if I already received the test results?

Instructional Testing Services will not destroy or throw out examinations and we do not have the storage space to keep examinations for faculty campus-wide.

Answer sheets not retrieved from Instructional Testing Services within two weeks of the scan date will be returned to the Instructor via campus mail. To maintain security and preserve the integrity of your exam, the answer key is destroyed and will not be included in the mailing.