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Sustainability in Practice

What is "sustainability" in your own words?

Sustainability is the intentional action of creating solutions that will solve a problem for the long term without sacrificing anything from the present moment.

What role do you feel sustainability plays in your life, both now and in the future?

Right now, sustainability feels like a life class I am taking through my Spring 2018 marketing internship with the Sustainability Office and my participation in UAH Green Club. Through these opportunities, I have learned more on how to be more eco-friendly, how to waste less, and how to connect with nature more. But, in the future, I hope sustainability will be integrated into my daily home life where I can live at home knowing I am doing my part in helping our environment. This could mean simple things like I have reduced my plastic consumption significantly or I have successfully become (mostly) vegan... the hard part is the cheese... I love cheese so much...

What does a "Sustainable UAH" look like?

A sustainable UAH looks like a campus full of people (i.e. students, faculty, staff, administration, and community members) who see the value in and care about sustainability and helping their environment as much as they care about themselves and their close friends. Once our culture changes to make sustainability a priority, then a "sustainable UAH" will be more attainable.

In what ways can UAH improve in its pursuit of sustainability?

- help create a environmentally aware and caring culture on campus (done through orientation presentations, sustainability courses, and more on campus activities and extra credit opportunities for students) -show students some easily digestible progress report to show them that their efforts (like recycling) are not in vain. This will help boost morale and prove to administration to keep funding the programs. -have more sustainability classes offered to all students on campus regardless of their major or their honor or non-honor status.

Other comments?

The Sustainability Office and the UAH Green Club have taught me the importance of taking care of our Earth. Everything is connected. If we harm the environment around us, then we are only just hurting ourselves and our loved ones. Every small eco-friendly action counts- so don't be discouraged and stand up for what you believe in!

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