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Sustainability in Practice

What is "sustainability" in your own words?

Humanity coexisting in a way that compliments the natural environment of our planet while improving our water, agriculture, health, and spiritual wellness.

What role do you feel sustainability plays in your life, both now and in the future?

It influences my core values and beliefs, my decisions as a consumer, how I vote and am engaged as an active citizen, what ways I look to proactively get involved with various service opportunities, and determines what career path and company I choose to work for.

What does a "Sustainable UAH" look like?

An institution that offers courses and disciplines related to the field. Commits to educating the students and faculty by inviting experts on climate, ecology, and energy development as guest speakers. Establishes sustainability as a core value among its students. Looks for ways to lead the state towards environmental awareness and project implementation. Most importantly, for the university to lead by example in minimizing its carbon footprint. This is done primarily through the integration of its electrical dependence to 100% renewable energy campus-wide.

In what ways can UAH improve in its pursuit of sustainability?

It can make sure it draws attention and becomes a leader for these key issues on a statewide, national, and international level. UAH should be known as the school that embraces positive, environmental impact on our region and the planet.

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