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Dr. Carswell spent nearly 20 years building space shuttle crystal growth experiments at UAH in the '80s and '90s. As the space shuttle program wound down he left the University to join private industry for 10 years, where he worked on several renewable energy projects and set up electronic border security systems in the United States and the Middle East. Recently he returned to UAH and established the Charger Energy Lab. Working with faculty, staff, students and the Huntsville community the Lab has seen the development of a smart building and an electric vehicle, and a tiny home is now taking shape on the grounds. He will be teaching HON 301 Sustainability in the Spring and is eager to teach this course to the broader UAH student body.

Sustainability in Practice

What is "sustainability" in your own words?

Making sure you can do what you enjoy for a long, long time.

What role do you feel sustainability plays in your life, both now and in the future?

I am all about sustainability. I pace myself when I exercise so that I can sustain my level of performance, I manage money carefully so that I can sustain my lifestyle and I strive for work-life balance so that my lifestyle is sustainable.

What does a "Sustainable UAH" look like?

There should be lots of activities for students to be involved in, we must be environmentally conscious with the infrastructure to support that, and cost of operations must be kept under control.

In what ways can UAH improve in its pursuit of sustainability?

Covered walkways since we are all having to walk now. With solar panels on the covered areas. Also, "Sustainability" should be a mandatory freshman course to make sure we establish a culture of sustainability.

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