Jacob Morrison

Student Inquiry

Where is home?

New Market, AL

What is your major?

Mechanical Engineering and Mathematics

What year in school are you?


Sustainability in Practice

What is "sustainability" in your own words?

Sustainability to me means being run by energy that is easily and cheaply renewed, and accessible. Having a goal of sustainability I feel is vitally important for the future of the planet, and for future generations. Reducing dependency on non-renewables is not only environmentally friendly, but is extremely rational and prudent - given that non-renewables are, well, non-renewable.

What role do you feel sustainability plays in your life, both now and in the future?

I am currently working in the ESPC program of the Energy Division at the US Army Corps of Engineers, so sustainability and energy efficiency is constantly on my mind as it pertains to my work. As a Student Senator, I also want to do everything I can to push UAH towards a more sustainable and energy efficient future. I hope to contribute to the future of renewable green energy in my career as well, wherever it takes me.

What does a "Sustainable UAH" look like?

A "Sustainable UAH" would be one that gets a majority, if not all, of its energy from alternative energy sources, and not only that, but uses its resources as a university to facilitate further research to improve current technologies, and invent new ones. A "Sustainable UAH" is quite a lofty goal, but not unreachable. There are several governmental programs in place to help institutions move towards that goal, and I hope that UAH begins a more aggressive pursuit of those programs as a means to that end.

In what ways can UAH improve in its pursuit of sustainability?

UAH should begin a more aggressive pursuit of any economically feasible government program to facilitate energy efficiency and renewables, and allocate more resources to student and faculty interested in energy research.

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