Conduct that interferes with the safe and orderly operation of the Student Success Center’s services is not allowed. All students are expected to treat others respectfully and to follow rules and staff directions. In circumstances where these expectations are violated, the Student Success Center reserves the right to restrict use and/or access to its services.

What to Expect from the SSC

Plan on taking an active role in sessions while working with fellow UAH students. We encourage engagement in the learning process with all of our programs.

Academic Coaching: Create an individualized plan focused on topics ranging from time management to presentations.

Content Tutoring: Work with a peer on content and study strategies for any of the supported courses.

Drop-In Tutoring: Meet with departmental GTAs and your classmates to practice content for select math and physics courses.

PASS: Collaborate with your classmates and an experienced peer leader to practice course content and develop study strategies.

Writing Tutoring: Use strategies to improve your written assignments and develop your writing skills.

SSC Expectations for Students

Be considerate: Keep your appointments and arrive on time. If you can’t make it, please call or email to cancel. Give your fellow Chargers the opportunity to have your appointment.

Be conscientious: People are working and studying in our space. Please be mindful of our semi-quiet noise level.

Be respectful: Please treat the staff and other students with courtesy and respect.

Be realistic: Procrastination is your enemy. Come early in the semester for the most benefit. If you are not here, we cannot help you.