The Academic Coaching Program is here to support UAH students by improving their performance in and out of class through offering sessions on study, learning, and self-management strategies.

Meet with an academic coach to

  • Reflect on your preferences
  • Engage in effective study and learning habits
  • Develop new strategies
  • Create an individualized plan

Academic Coaching appointments are available in person or online. We recommend visiting early in the semester and following up with your coach on your progress.


Academic Coaching Reasons

When you schedule an appointment for Academic Coaching, you will need to select a reason. Below is a list of reasons with a brief explanation. 

ReasonsSession Goal
College Specific Coaching meet with an experienced peer
Goal-Setting learn how to set and meet your goals
Learning Strategies determine your learning preference and how to implement new strategies
Motivation discover what drives you
Note-Taking improve your system or create a new one
Online Learning gain an understanding of what it takes to be successful in an online course
Presentation Coaching improve your presentation skills
Reading Strategies develop new habits and effective systems
Study Strategies learn proven methods
Test Preparation establish a study plan
Time Management learn how to prioritize and manage your schedule

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