PASS: the study group, amplified 

Get help in challenging courses from students who have done well!

The Peer Assisted Study Sessions (PASS) Program provides peer-led study groups which focus on integrating course content (what to learn) with study skills (how to learn). PASS is provided for approximately 20 foundational, historically difficult courses at UAH. A list of courses currently supported by PASS can be found here.

PASS sessions are facilitated by PASS leaders, current students who have previously and successfully completed the course and who have been trained to make sure that students gain the most out of the session. A list of our current PASS leaders can be found here.

PASS provides an active learning environment in which students can work together to better understand the course content. Sessions are designed to maximize students’ understanding of the subject in a casual and relaxed environment with the use of group discussions and activities. Students who attend PASS consistently are shown to produce higher results than those who do not attend.

Participation in PASS is entirely voluntary. PASS leaders survey the class at the beginning of the semester to determine which times are best to hold study sessions.



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