over 50 undergraduate participants

Summer Community of Scholars (SCS) program campus-wide poster session had over 50 undergraduate participants.

Michael Mercier | UAH

Over 50 undergraduate research posters were featured in the Research and Creative Experience for Undergraduates (RCEU) summer program and the Honors Capstone Research (HCR) summer program on Sept. 13 during The University of Alabama in Huntsville (UAH) Summer Community of Scholars (SCS) program campus-wide poster session.

The SCS is designed to expand hands-on research opportunities for UAH’s undergraduates in the RCEU and HCR programs, which allow students to participate in ongoing research projects under the supervision of a faculty member or researcher for 10-week summer period. In addition, undergraduate researchers in the SCS attend professional development training sessions, and the program culminates with the poster session in the fall.

"Dissemination of results is an important part of the research experience, and the poster session is an opportunity for students to present their work, and to answer questions from faculty, staff and students," says Dave Cook, director of undergraduate research.

This year, for the first time and thanks to support from Dr. Christine Curtis, UAH provost, the college deans were asked to select their top choices for special recognition and a cash prize. Winners are listed below.

In another first, graduate students were invited to evaluate posters and to provide positive criticism and advice to presenters.

"Having direct feedback from graduate students is a great way to incorporate their expertise, and give them mentoring experience, while it helps our undergraduates to improve their presentation skills," Cook says. "It’s a win-win situation."

The poster session is a chance for UAH students, faculty and staff, as well as the general public, to get a closer look at the depth of research and creative scholarship available to undergraduates who strive to invest in their college education with this co-curricular opportunity. In addition to learning more about the SCS program, interested students also had the chance to network with student researchers and faculty members while learning more about specific projects and how to get involved.

"The poster session really inspires the students who participate, and gives them a glimpse into the creative possibilities that research can offer," says Cook. "Our goal is to showcase the fact that, at UAH, we offer co-curricular opportunities to ambitious students who want to get involved in their education beyond the classroom. Participating in research and creative scholarship is the application and extension of classroom learning, and offers important benefits for those students ready for the challenge."

This year’s recognized participants are:

College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences

Best of College

Klayton Riley, "Visualizations for Cartilage Restoration Methods"
Mentor: Mr. Vinny Argentina

Honorable Mention

Jacob Woods, "The Early Stories of the Art Department"
Mentor: José Betancourt

College of Education

Best of College

Kinta Schott, "Comparison of Lacrosse Player Metrics in Games and Practices in High School" Males
Mentor: Dr. Paul Whitehead

College of Engineering

Best of College

Arnab Chatterjee, "Selective Dielectric Barrier Discharge Actuation of Flow Control of Delta Wings"
Mentor: Dr. Konstantinos Kanistras

Honorable Mention

Alex L’Antigua, "Structural Changes within Anode Materials of NA + Batteries"
Mentor: Dr. George Nelson

Honors College

Best of College

LeAnn Guess, "Medication Crushing and Particulate Matter Concentration"
Mentor: Dr. Azita Amiri

Honorable Mention

Tori Phillips, "Using Liquid Chromatography Mass Spectrometry to Study Changes in Metabolomic Cycles Related to Diabetes"
Mentor: Dr. Bernhard Vogler

College of Nursing

Best of College

Leslie Hammon, "Perceived Stress and the Risk of Developing Prediabetes in College Students"
Mentor: Dr. Lynx McClellan

College of Science

Best of College

Abigail Guillemette, "Examining the Persistence of Environmental DNA in Caves"
Mentor: Dr. Matthew Niemiller

Honorable Mention

Laura Catherine Wright, "Young Adult LEW.1WR1 Rats have Altered Skeletal Muscle Metabolism"
Mentor: Dr. Sharifa Love-Rutledge


Dave Cook
Director of Undergraduate Research