Assistant Dean of Undergraduate Affairs, Dr. Terri Johnson.

The College of Science (COS) at The University of Alabama in Huntsville (UAH), a part of of The University of Alabama System, welcomes a new Assistant Dean of Undergraduate Affairs, Dr. Terri Johnson.

Having obtained her Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics in 1993 and served as a lecturer at UAH since 1996, Dr. Johnson is well-acquainted with UAH. Her unwavering dedication to supporting student success, coupled with her genuine passion for mathematics, made her an ideal candidate for the Assistant Dean of Undergraduate Affairs role.

Dr. Johnson expressed her excitement when asked about her new position, stating, "I want to understand all the departments and how we can help students be successful." She understands the challenges that students face when it comes to math, which is a requirement for virtually every student at UAH. Dr. Johnson has been teaching calculus and probability and statistics for years and she has a strong desire to make math accessible to all students.

In 2015, Dr. Johnson worked with the Department of Mathematical Sciences to develop a robust curriculum for honors students. Her goal was to make calculus more than just a requirement but a rich, special and complex subject. According to Dr. Johnson, "These students like digging into a topic." Since then, she has been teaching honors calculus every semester.

Dr. Johnson is also passionate about advising and has been a faculty advisor in her department. She is interested in helping students find the path to set them in the right direction for their careers. Additionally, she wants to prioritize course scheduling to help students graduate on time.

Another area of interest for Dr. Johnson is pre-professional health careers. She mentioned her experience participating in mock interviews for students preparing to graduate from medical and dental school. "I saw how valuable that experience was to students. I want to ensure that we are helping them as much as possible and giving them the best chance to get into their dream medical schools," Dr. Johnson said.

Dr. Johnson's dedication to math will not go away, as she will continue teaching one course per semester in the department. 

With this new start for Dr. Johnson, Dr. Robert Griffin will be stepping down as Associate Dean for the College of Science. He will remain at UAH as faculty in the Atmospheric and Earth Science Department (AES). "It has been a pleasure working with our students, faculty and staff in the College to advance student success in our courses and programs of study,"  Dr. Griffin said.

Dr. Johnson's passion for helping students, combined with her experience, make her the perfect fit for her new role. The College of Science at UAH is excited to have her as their new Assistant Dean of Undergraduate Affairs.