Although we could not gather in person for our Honors Day convocation this spring, we can still celebrate the successes of our College of Science honorees. Please join us in recognizing, celebrating, and being inspired by those who earned special achievement awards. 

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Dean’s List

The Undergraduate Dean’s List includes 304 College of Science students who earned a 3.50 or higher grade point average (GPA) for a minimum of 12 GPA hours. View the 2020 College of Science Undergraduate Dean's List.

Those named to the Graduate Dean’s List have maintained a minimum grade point average of 3.85 overall on UAH graduate-level coursework and a 4.0 for the past 12 hours completed during the 2020 spring, summer, and fall semesters.

Scholar Athletes

Congratulations to the College of Science Scholar Athletes who achieved excellence in academic performance during the spring or fall 2020 semesters while competing as a varsity athlete.

Claire Almaraz
William Brophy
Cameron Crews
Shaina Doser
Holly Harris
Edward Harvey-Latham
Ava Jacobs
Jake Maier
Sloan Mann
Stefanie Mehlich
Emika Miyamoto
Sara Pagotto
Heather Phillips
Abigail Robertson
Kelly Ann Sanders
Kendall Scharbert
Kennedy Sellers
Kameron Slaughter
Joseph Stuber
Alaina Taylor
Luke Tomlinson

Science Ambassadors

College of Science Ambassadors model excellence through their quality academic performance and commitment to our college. Leading by example, they fuel a sense of pride and make a significant impact by improving communication and fostering a culture of inclusion.

Angela Burke
Skyler Edwards
Vasu Devarasetty
Rishi Kamath
Tabitha Massengill
Aaron Newchurch
Juwuan Turner-Howard

Highest Undergraduate Achievement Award

The College of Science Highest Undergraduate Achievement Award is given to Nicholas Burns in recognition of his excellent record of academic performance, his thoughtful leadership, and service to our college community. Nicholas's outstanding accomplishments have set a high standard for our students.

Department Achievement Awards

The College of Science Department Achievement Awards are given to outstanding undergraduate students with a strong record of academic performance along with service involvement and discipline related experience.

Shelby Bagwell Atmospheric & Earth Science
Helen Gibson Biological Sciences
Andrew Sentell Chemistry
Nathan Solomon Computer Science
Maxwell Fox Mathematical Sciences
Trevor Ollis Physics & Astronomy

Graduate Research Assistant Award

The Graduate Research Award is given to an outstanding graduate student who has conducted leading edge research, published papers in peer reviewed journals, and presented work in major conferences.

Sebastian Harkema
Department of Atmospheric & Earth Science
under the advisement of Dr. Emily Berndt

Graduate Teaching Assistant Award

The Graduate Teaching Assistant Award is given to an outstanding graduate student who has demonstrated excellence in teaching and commitment to student success.

Jennifer Dougherty
Department of Biological Sciences
under the advisement of Dr. Zachary Culumber

Faculty Teaching Excellence Award

The College of Science Faculty Teaching Excellence Award is given to a faculty member who has demonstrated excellence in teaching through creative and innovative methods and who is committed to student success.

Dr. K. Denise Niemiller
Department of Biological Sciences

Faculty Research Excellence Award

The College of Science Faculty Research Excellence Award is given to a faculty member who has demonstrated excellence in leading edge research as evidenced by peer-reviewed publications, proposals and mentoring of graduate students.

Dr. Kevin Knupp
Department of Atmospheric & Earth Science

Research Horizons Winners


1st Place Todd McKinney Application of Super Pressure Balloons for Global High-Altitude Analysis
2nd Place Jennifer Petrillo Application of Software Architecture Strategies to Comprehensive Architecture Strategy (CAS) System
3rd Place Sean Pagani Applications of Deep Learning: Pan Sharpening and Radar Fusion


1st Place Caily Schwartz

Towards Developing a Customized Composite Drought Index for Pakistan using Earth Observations

2nd Place Christine Evans Evaluating Effects of Land Use and Climate Change on Water Quality in Belize
3rd Place Raina Ghanshyam Bangani Personalized stress Monitoring AI System for Healthcare Workers