Admission Requirements

GRE score of 1700
Demonstrated competence in the following:
data structures
discrete structures
object-oriented analysis and/or design
design and analysis of algorithms
operating systems
computer architecture

Satisfaction of breadth requirements in computer science and mathematics. The breadth requirements can be satisfied in one of the following ways. Consult a departmental advisor for additional information.
Completion of the course at UAH with a grade of B or better
Completion of an equivalent course at another institution with a grade of B or better
Testing out of the course, where permitted by departmental policy
Computer Science Breadth Requirements
CS I, CS II An Intoductory Sequence on Programming and Data Structures based on C/C++/Java
CS 321 or 307 Object-Oriented Programming
CS 214 Introduction to Discrete Structures
CS 317 Introduction to Design and Analysis of Algorithms
CS 490 Introduction to Operating Systems
CS 513 Introduction to Computer Architecture or CS 309 and 413
Mathematics Breadth Requirements
MA171 Calculus A (4 hrs.)
MA172 Calculus B (4 hrs.)
MA244 Introduction to Linear Algebra
MA385 Introduction to Probability