Physics & Astronomy Seminars

Time & Location

Physics seminars during the Spring 2021 semester are held on Tuesdays at 4:00pm online via Zoom (due to Covid).

Special seminars, M.S. thesis, and Ph.D. dissertation talks are held at the time and location given in the announcement below.


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Upcoming Events

Tuesday Physics Seminar

Tuesday Physics Seminar

Jan 19 @ 4:20PM

Past Events

Tuesday Physics Seminar

Jan 19 @ 4:20PM

Society of Physics Students Meeting

Feb 11 @ 5:00PM

Physics Tuesday: Complete Coverage of the Coma Cluster to the Virial Radius

Feb 04 @ 4:00PM

Tuesday Physics Seminar: Nonlinear Optics

Jan 28 @ 4:00PM

Past Semesters