Dr. Richard Lieu

Distinguished Professor, Physics & Astronomy Department


Dr. Richard Lieu's Curriculum Vitae


  • Ph.D., Physics, Imperial College London, 1981
  • B.S., Physics, Imperial College, London, 1978

Classes Taught


  • ‘Non-thermal Origin of the EUV and HEX Excess Emission of the Coma Cluster - the Nature of the Energetic Electrons’, T.A. Ensslin, R. Lieu, & P.L. Biermann, 1999, Astron Astrophys, 344, 409.
  • ‘EUV Emission from Clusters of Galaxies: Inverse Compton Radiation from a Relic Population of Cosmic Rays ?’, C.L. Sarazin & R. Lieu, 1998, ApJ, 494, L17.
  • ‘The First EUVE Source Catalog’, S. Bowyer, R. Lieu, M. Lampton, J. Lewis, X. Wu, J.J. Drake & R. Malina, 1993, ApJS, 93, 569.
  • ‘The Diffuse EUV Emission from the Coma Cluster - Evidence for a Cooler Component at sub-MK Temperatures’, R. Lieu, J.P.D. Mittaz, S. Bowyer, J.O. Breen, F.J.Lockman, E.M. Murphy & C. -Y. Hwang, 1996, Science, 274, 1335 (139 citations).
  • ‘Discovery of 0.5 MK Gas in the Center of the Virgo Cluster’, Lieu, R., Mittaz, J.P.D, Bowyer, S., Lockman, J., Hwang, C. -Y. & Schmitt, J.H.M.M., 1996, ApJ, 458, L5.