Our very own students presented successfully during the two open house events performed in the months of October and November ingenious and fun interactive experiments to future students and their parents.

Annsheric Cole

Annsheric Cole (developer and presenter of the experiment) and Sierra Hawkins (presenter of the experiment) explained the importance of CO2 in the blood's pH using just bottles and a pH indicator for aquariums. The students and parents participated in this experiment performing several physical activities which outcome, CO2 production, was determined by blowing pulmonary air at the water solutions containing the pH indicator.

Tiffany Buckner

Tiffany Buckner (developer and presenter of the experiment) explained the importance of carbohydrates in our diet. She used thermo-dynamical principles to demonstrate the calorie content in different sources of peanuts. Just by checking the temperature changes of water exposed to a burned peanut, she captivated the audience about the importance of the chemical content of the food in our diet.

Winston Hong

Winston Hong (developer and presenter of the experiment) explained about the function of mitochondria in the cell. Using mitochondria obtained from a pig's heart he demonstrated to the audience how mitochondria generates chemical energy by using a color base chemical transformation reaction that involves the transportation of electrons from a chemical substrate to a functional analog of oxygen.