I am transferring to UAH.  What should I do?

1.  Determine your student type and apply to UAH. (http://apply.uah.edu)

  • Transfer student
  • Transient student
  • Second Bachelor's degree
  • Non-degree
  • Re-admit

2.  Meet with an Academic Advisor.

Make an appointment with a science advisor at uahscience.youcanbook.me.

3.  Register for Orientation.

Transfer Student Guides

These guides are for students transferring from a 2-year college in the Alabama Community College system.

Chemistry Transfer Student Guide

Computer Science Transfer Student Guide

Earth System Science Transfer Student Guide

Math Transfer Student Guide

Physics Transfer Student Guide

Transfer Student Links


UAH Transfer Equivalency Page



Who is my advisor?

The two science advisors are Jennifer Bradley and Morgan Lewis.  They work together and do not have an assigned list of students.  You can meet with either.  


What happens during an advising appointment?

During an individual advising appointment you and the advisor:

  • Review your choice of major, minor and concentration (if applicable).
  • Review your CAPP evaluation, a self-serve advising tool available to you through your Banner account. See: http://www.uah.edu/registrar/capp/qanda to learn how to view your CAPP evaluation.
  • Discuss the classes you need to take for the upcoming semester.
  • Create a plan that outlines the remainder of courses you need to take to complete your degree.
  • Discuss factors that might be impacting your academic career. Life outside of UAH often incorporates work, family and financial needs. We can help you determine how to make your degree requirements mesh with your life demands.
  • Identify UAH academic and student affairs resources that you may find helpful, such as meeting with the Pre-Professional advisor http://www.uah.edu/ppa or going to the Office of Financial Aid (http://www.uah.edu/admissions/undergraduate/financial-aid) for questions about scholarships.
  • Review COS opportunities such as: Science Ambassadors, clubs, part time job opportunities and identifying how to contact professors to conduct research.