How do I register for classes?

  1. Find out when registration begins for the next semester
  2. Meet with your Academic Advisor and determine classes you want to take for the next semester
  3. Login to
  4. Click Schedule Planner (under Student Services and Registration).
  5. Add each course you will take into the schedule planner.
  6. Click “Generate Schedules.”
  7. Click “View” and review each schedule until you find your ideal schedule.
  8. Click “Send to shopping cart,” select “Register.”

*Another way to look up classes, go to, and under the Current Students tab, click classes

Do I need a Registration Access Code (RAC) to register for classes?

No, undergraduate College of Science students do not need RACs to register for classes.

There were no advising appointments open before registration started, can I still register for classes?


  1. Schedule an advising appointment ASAP
  2. Register for classes. At your advising appointment we will review your class schedule and make changes if necessary.

Do I need to see an advisor to register for classes?

No, advising is not required; but it is useful because during your advising appointment you and the advisor:

  • Review your choice of major, minor, and concentration (if applicable).
  • Review your CAPP evaluation, a self-serve advising tool available available at  To learn more about how to use CAPP, visit
  • Discuss the classes you need to take for the upcoming semester.
  • Create a plan that outlines the remainder of courses you need to take to complete your degree.
  • Discuss factors that might be impacting your academic career. Life outside of UAH can include work, family and financial needs. We can help you identify how to make your degree requirements mesh with your life demands.
  • Identify UAH academic and student affairs resources that you may find helpful, such as meeting with the Pre-Professional Advising or going to the Office of Financial Aid for questions about scholarships.  
  • Review CoS opportunities such as: Science Ambassadors, clubs, part-time job opportunities, and identifying how to contact professors to conduct research.

How do I add a class?

You can add a class to your schedule through (under Registration, Add or Drop Classes) until the 5th day of classes. For example, if classes start on August 20, you have until August 27 to add a class. See the UAH calendar for exact dates:

What if I missed the last day to add a class, but I want to add a class?

To add a class after the 5th day of classes requires a schedule adjustment form and approval signatures:

How do I drop a class?

You can add a class to your schedule through (under Registration, Add or Drop Classes). Click webDrop. Click Submit Changes. Check your schedule to make sure the class is dropped.

If I drop a class, will it show up on my transcript? Will I have to pay for it?

If you drop a class before the drop date (10th day of class), it will not appear on your transcript and you will get a refund.
See UAH calendar for exact dates: