Enrollment Eligibility

  1. Participation Levels. US Army Cadet Command (USACC) authorizes three levels of types of participation in the Senior ROTC program.
    1. Participating Students. Students that do not meet the enrollment requirements below due to temporary or permanent disqualifications may only participate in classroom activities. They are not allowed to participate in non-classroom activities or receive any Army issued equipment or uniforms.
    2. Enrolled Students. Students that meet basic course eligibility requirements outlined in paragraph 2 may be enrolled in the Senior ROTC program. Enrolled students are authorized to participate in all non-classroom activities and receive Army uniforms and equipment items. Enrolled students are also eligible for consideration for on-campus scholarships.
    3. Contracted Students. Enrolled students that meet all of the eligibility requirements outlined in paragraph 3 may sign a contract with USACC for commissioning upon successful completion of all commissioning requirements. Students awarded an Army ROTC scholarship will sign a contract prior to the start of their first semester. All contracted students (scholarship/non-scholarship) are eligible to receive a monthly stipend based on their individual contracts provided they meet their obligations. Army Scholarship students will receive full tuition/fees or room and board and a book allowance in addition to their monthly stipend.
  2. Basic Course Enrollment. Non-scholarship applicants must meet the following requirements in order to be eligible for enrollment without a waiver1:
    1. Be a U.S. citizen.
    2. Be at least 17 years of age.
    3. No medical conditions that would prevent participation in a college physical education program.
    4. Be of good moral character with no civil or criminal convictions.
    5. No tattoos specifically prohibited by the US Army policy.
    6. Have no religious or moral objections or convictions that would preclude military service.
    7. Be enrolled as a full time student (minimum of 12 credit hours) in a degree producing program of study
    8. Academically aligned based on a completed CC Form 104-R signed by their academic advisor and approved by the PMS.
  3. Advance Course Enrollment. Non-scholarship applicants must meet the following requirements in order to be eligible to contract for a commission without a waiver2:
    1. Meet all ROTC Basic Course enrollment criteria and successfully complete the Basic Course, Initial Entry Training for any branch of the US Armed Forces, or successfully complete the Leadership Training Course.
    2. No civil convictions, adverse adjudication, or court-martial convictions other than minor traffic violations resulting in a fine of less than $250 (except alcohol-related driving offenses) or "Not Guilty" verdict or successful appeal of a conviction.
    3. Single with no dependents or married with no more than 3 dependents (incl. spouse) or single students whose children have been placed by court order in custody of adult relative/legal guardian and is not required to pay child support.
    4. Never used chemical substances or drugs, self-admitted, experimental use of chemical substances or drugs which occurred over 6 months prior to contracting unless disqualified by medical examination.
    5. Agree to sign Loyalty Oath.
    6. Not have any prior military service or have been honorably discharged with a RE code of "1" on DD214 or current member of either Army Reserve or National Guard.
    7. Be enrolled as a full time student (minimum of 12 credit hours) in a degree producing program of study and academically aligned and have a cumulative GPA of at least 2.0 (on 4.0 scale).
    8. Pass the Army Physical Readiness Test (APFT) with a minimum score of 70 points in each event and a total score of 210 points.
    9. Be physically qualified as determined by the Department of Defense Medical Evaluation Review Board (DoDMERB).
    10. Be between 17 and 31 years of age at the time of commissioning.

1 Items a and b are eligible for waivers under certain conditions. Inquire about details if they apply.
2 Items a-d, f, g, i, and j are eligible for waivers under certain conditions. Inquire about details if they apply.

General Information

  1. Financial Assistance. The Army does not provide financial assistance to non-contracted students enrolled in the either the Basic or Advance Courses – students are required to pay all tuition and fee costs while enrolled in the Basic Course. Contracted Cadets (including scholarship Cadets) will receive benefits in accordance with their individual contracts.
  2. Service Obligation. Contracting incurs a service obligation. In general, contracted students are obligated to serve as a commissioned officer for two years for each year of their contract. Students who fail to meet the terms of their contract may incur a financial penalty or be subject to involuntary call to active duty as enlisted soldiers based on the terms of their individual contract.
  3. Contracting. Contracting eligibility varies based on the needs of the Army – please contact Mr. Manning at UAH or Mr. Ruffin at Alabama A&M University for current requirements.
  4. Activities outside the Classroom. Contracted students are required to participate in physical conditioning on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from 5:50 AM to 7:00 AM; Leadership Laboratories; Field Training; and pre-commissioning training requirements, such as swimming.
  5. Campus Scholarships. The PMS has the discretion to award 1, 2, or 3-year scholarships to students eligible to contract. Students must be enrolled in the Basic Course in order to be eligible for consideration for award.
  6. Lateral Entry. Undergraduate students that did not complete the Basic Course, transfer, and graduate students may elect to volunteer for the Basic Camp (BC) prior to start of their junior academic year. LTC is a four week course conducted at Ft. Knox, KY and successful completion of training satisfies the pre-requisite for completion of the Basic Course portion of ROTC prior to entering the Advance Course. Students contemplating Lateral Entry in the program should consult with their academic advisor to ensure they will have at least 2 years remaining in their program of study once they return from LTC.
  7. Academic Alignment. While enrolled in the program, all students must be working towards an undergraduate or graduate degree and be enrolled as a full-time student. Academic alignment is supported through the use of the CC Form 104-R, approved by the student's academic advisor and PMS. This form is updated/reviewed each semester.
  8. Cadet Summer Training (CST). As part of USACC's on-going transformation, contracted Cadets are required to attend summer training at Ft. Knox, KY. Travel to and from training will be paid by the Army and Cadets will be paid while participating in CST.
  9. Cadet Practical Field Training (CPFT). This training is offered through USACC as a means to increase contracted Cadets' exposure to the Army. CPFT opportunities include the Army Basic Airborne Course (BAC), conducted by the 1/507th Infantry Battalion at Ft. Benning, GA. The Air Assault Course (training locations vary based on source of training allocation).
  10. Cultural Understanding and Language Proficiency Program (CULP). CULP is offered in support of the Department of Defense's Global Officer Program. The program provides an opportunity for Cadets to deploy outside of the continental US in support of military training missions. Cadets will be placed in an active duty for training status while deployed. Cadets are paid while deployed and the Army provides transportation, food, and lodging during the training.
  11. Professional Military Education Requirements. All contracted students are required to complete a 3 credit hour, 300-level US Military History course prior to graduation.
  12. Monthly Stipend. Contracted Cadets are eligible to receive a monthly stipend for up to 10 months each school year. The amount is based on the Cadet's academic year. The stipend will be pro-rated based on the starting/ending dates of the Fall and Spring semesters. Contracted Cadets that fail to meet their contractual obligations (CGPA, appearance, attendance, and/or physical fitness standards) may forfeit their stipend until they are able to meet their requirements.

Course Descriptions

  1. The Basic Course is designed to introduce students without prior military service to the organization, mission, customs, traditions, and leadership philosophy of the US Army. It consists of four sequential, two credit hour courses and a weekly, no-credit leadership laboratory each Thursday. Classes for freshman and sophomores meet twice weekly on the UAH campus. The lab is conducted at Alabama A&M University's ROTC Building, the Old Councill Training Building, on the west side of Meridian Street. Students that successfully complete the Basic Course are capable of managing themselves as well as supervising the actions of up to three additional Cadets; knowledgeable about Army customs and courtesies; familiar with individual military skills; and able to overcome challenges in a tactical environment.
  2. The Advance Course is designed to reinforce the skills and knowledge gained during the Basic Course and introduce students to the challenges associated with leading larger organizations in order to accomplish assigned tasks. The Advance Course consists of four sequential, three credit hour courses and a weekly, no-credit leadership laboratory every Thursday. All Advance Course Classes are conducted on the Alabama A&M University campus, in or around the Old Council Training Building. The Advance Course is the first opportunity for non-scholarship Army ROTC students may sign a contract for a commission. Contracted students that meet all eligibility requirements, Professional Military Education, and degree requirements will earn their commission as a second lieutenant in the US Army. Therefore, students that successfully complete the Advance Course are ready to serve as a platoon leader in the Army after commissioning.

Course Listings

Basic Course

Term Course Number Course Title Credit Hours
Fall MIL 101 MIL 101 Military Science I 2
MIL 101L MIL 101L Military Science I - Laboratory 0
Spring MIL 102 MIL 102 Military Science I 2
MIL 102L MIL 102L Military Science I - Laboratory 0
Fall MIL 201 MIL 201 Military Science II 2
MIL 201L MIL 201L Military Science II - Laboratory 0
Spring MIL 202 MIL 202 Military Science II 2
MIL 202L MIL 202L Military Science II - Laboratory 0

Advanced Course

Term Course Number Course Title Credit Hours
Fall MIL 301 MIL 301 Military Science III 3
MIL 301L MIL 301L Military Science III - Laboratory 0
Spring MIL 302 MIL 302 Military Science III 3
MIL 302L MIL 302L Military Science III - Laboratory 0
Fall MIL 401 MIL 401 Military Science IV 3
MIL 401L MIL 401L Military Science IV - Laboratory 0
Spring MIL 402 MIL 402 Military Science IV 3
MIL 302L MIL 302L Military Science IV - Laboratory 0