UA System Board Rule 108: System Office and University Policies 

Board Rule 108 exists to govern the policy-making process, and applies to all “policies, handbooks, manuals, and other guides to their organizations and operations” adopted by the System Office and campuses to ensure:

  1. consistency with other UA System policies; and
  2. compliance with UA System Board of Trustees Bylaws.

In developing policies, appropriate constituencies and sister campus policies should be consulted. Each campus should seek consistency to the extent practicable, and shall work with their campus Office of Counsel. It is recognized that campus policies may differ to reflect appropriate differences in campus roles or missions.

Proposed new policies and revisions should be sent to the appropriate Campus Designee for consideration by the Chancellor’s Designee.

UAH Campus Designee:

Brandie Roberts, CCEP, CDP
Coordinator of Compliance & Risk Management
Phone: (256) 824-6899


Board Rule 108

108 FAQ

UAH Policy on Policies

The UAH Policy on Policies outlines the development, review, and approval process for all university policies, and was written to:

  1. standardize UAH policies;
  2. establish procedures for the creation, format, review and approval process;
  3. establish procedures for the implementation, publication, and renewal of policies; and
  4. establish procedures for the rescindment of policies.

This completed Policy Tracking Form must accompany all new or revised UAH policies submitted for review and approval. 


Policy on Policies Guidebook

Creating an Accessible PDF using Microsoft Word Instructions