Instron axial/tension/compression
fatigue testing system

The Instron 8801 is a servo-hydraulic tension/compression/fatigue test machine. It uses a hydraulic pump and a series of computer controlled valves to control the force of an actuator.

It has the capability to test a variety of materials up to loads of 22,500 lbs. The machine can be used for experiments to define the properties of various materials.

UAH has two types of grips used in separate applications for room temperature, hydraulic grips are used, and elevated temperatures mechanical grips are used to hold test specimens.

RFAL can provide custom test fixtures and testing/characterization of materials. While in test RFAL has the ability to take strain gauge measurements for a detailed result of the stress.


iInstron test of lock material properties
  • Static tensile testing of unidirectional E-glass composite with fiber waviness.
  • Static tensile testing under a -200°C steady state of IM7 carbon fiber composite.
  • Static tensile/compression/temp testing of Omni directional carbon fiber weaves.







To view specifications, click any or the images or get the pdf here:
Instron axial/tension/compression fatigue testing system

Additional Adapters
ATS Test Oven
ATS Test Oven Adapter model: 3710 Series

The oven adapter for the Instron 8801 has the capability of subjecting test coupons to thermal loads of -100°C to 315°C. This testing capability is important for understanding the thermal effects on a material under stress.

RFAL has the capability to perform data capture and analysis for elevated temperature- Low temperature soak materials testing.

Thermal testing of omnidirectional weave carbon fiber composites @ -65°C to 135°C

ATS Split Tube Furnace
ATS Split Tube Furnace model: 3210

The split tube furnace has the ability to mount to the Instron 8801 and is used for studying elevated temperature effects on materials under stress.