The dynamic vibration system is designed to simulate vibration or shock that an item will be subjected when in its normal application. The system can perform random vibration, sine vibration, sine on random vibration, sine on sine vibration, and all varieties of mechanical shock. Our controller has the capability to interface with the output of a recording device that recorded the actual vibration profile of the target component under use.

ETS Solutions Dynamic Vibration System Model-MPA404-LS232a dynamicvibrationatwork


System Specifications
Manufacturer ETS Solutions
Type / Model MPA404-LS232A
Sine / Random Force 3,300 lbf.
Shock Force

6,600 lbf.

Frequency Range DC to 2,700 Hz.
Continuous Displacement 3.5 inches
Shock Displacement 4.0 inches
Max Velocity 5.7 ft./sec.
Max Acceleration (sine) 70 g.
Max Static Payload 660 lbs.


Download a copy of the system specifications:

Dynamic Vibration System