Transfer Equivalency - Faculty Staff

In order to update a student's transfer coursework in academic history, please fill out and submit a Transfer Equivalency Form. This form is for Faculty/Staff use only. All forms must be approved by the Department Chair for which the course is offered at UAH (eg. math equivalencies must be approved by Math Department Chair).


  1. One-to-One equivalency with UAH course (SPH 106 (AL two year school) = CM 113 (UAH))
  2. Transfer Course Number
  3. Transfer Course Name
  4. Transfer Institution Name
  5. Equivalent Course Number and Name at UAH (CM 113 Intro to Rhetorical Communication)
  6. Department Chair's approval
  7. Submission instructions on the form.

Transfer Equivalency - Prospective and Current Students

You can view our transfer articulation resource guide here