Students requiring assistance with general navigation and login information can contact the OIT Help Desk at 256.824.3333 or

Degree seeking students receiving registration errors should contact their academic advisor.

Non-degree or transient students receiving registration errors, such as a pre-requisite, should email the Registrar's Office at Please provide us with the UAH course number and term for each course that requires an override. We will then contact you when the overrides are approved. 

Please note that class schedules and registration dates and deadlines are no longer printed. All information is updated and available on the Class Schedules page.

Web Registration Instructions

  1. Log in to myUAH to start your class registration.
  2. Enter Charger ID and Charger Password. (If you have an issue with your password please contact the OIT Help Desk at 256.824.3333 or
  3. Under Student Services/Registration select 'Add or Drop Classes'.
  4. Select 'Term'.
  5. Enter the Course Request Number (CRN) in the 'Add Classes Worksheet' for courses you wish to add, or select 'Class Search' to look up the CRN for available classes.
  6. Class Search: This option will allow you to look up a class and add the CRN to the Add Classes Worksheet or automatically register that class.
  7. From the Class Search page, enter the criteria for your search.
  8. From the Look Up Classes page, check the box in front of the CRN (C identifies a closed class) and select 'Register' or 'Add to Worksheet'. Register processes your request to register for that class. Add to Worksheet will add the course's CRN to the Add Classes Worksheet. Class Search begins a new search.
  9. After submitting your request, you will be brought back to the Add or Drop Class page. There you will see the status of your Current Schedule, Registration Errors (if any), and the Add Classes Worksheet. From courses listed in Current Schedule, you have the option to Drop or Audit (if available) a course from the Action column.
  10. Waitlist: If you attempt to register for a course that has reached its maximum seating capacity, the course will display under 'Registration Errors' on the Add or Drop Class page
  11. To add your name to the waitlist, select 'Waitlist' under the Action column for the course and click on 'Submit Changes'. The course will move up to Current Schedules with a status of 'Waitlisted'. Course will not be waitlisted unless you click on 'Submit Changes'. If you do not want to waitlist the class, select 'None' and click on 'Submit Changes'. The course will no longer display under Registration Errors. To drop a waitlisted class, select 'Web Drop' from the Action column for the course listed under Current Schedules and click on 'Submit Changes'. The course will be removed from Current Schedules. Waitlisted classes will be dropped on the last day to add a course for the semester. Students should remove waitlisted classes from their schedule if they decide the class is not needed. A student who waitlists a class will be responsible for the fees when moved into the class; therefore, check often on the status of your waitlisted class.
  12. Once you are satisfied with your schedule, scroll to the bottom of the screen and select 'Registration Fee Assessment' to calculate the charges associated with your schedule. This step will need to be taken to reflect any changes to your schedule on your bill.
  13. To view your bill, click 'Account Summary by Term' at the bottom of the 'Registration Fee Assessment' page.
  14. To view your schedule, select 'Week At A Glance' or 'Detailed Schedule'.
  15. To exit, select 'Exit'. Once your session is closed, log out to protect your privacy.