UAH has in the past embarked on a strategic planning effort, and various individual unit plans exist as well. It is important periodically to review plans, update them, and develop a cohesive plan, which is simple, yet elegant, supported by complementary unit plans, that i) charts a direction, ii) allows efforts to be aligned around common objectives, iii) influences resource allocation decisions as appropriate, and iv) allows a competitive advantage to be articulated clearly. Toward that end, we began a comprehensive strategic planning process consisting of developing the following elements:

  • Mission: Purpose
  • Vision: Desired end-state at some point in the future
  • Core Values: Guide behavior
  • Value Proposition: What is promised to be delivered; why we matter to constituents and customers
  • Goals: What is to be accomplished in order to reach our vision
  • Performance Points: Measuring process improvement
  • Strategic Priorities: Identify guiding principles
  • Thematic Areas: Guide fulfillment of Strategic Priorities

The planning process consisted of a steering committee from faculty, staff, and student members.  Their feedback and recommendations were used to shape the overall Strategic Plan.