The Department of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering provides the majority of the faculty, graduate students, and undergraduate students that participate in PRC research activities, although students in other disciplines, such as Chemical Engineering, Physics, Chemistry, and Industrial and Systems Engineering, often do work leading to degrees in partnership with the PRC.

The Propulsion Research Center research staff is based on a model where full-time graduate students are utilized as the primary research force.

If you are a potential or current UAH student and you are interested in getting involved with the PRC, please sign-up for our mailing list; the PRC hosts monthly learning and networking events and we would be glad to have you join us and learn more about student opportunities at the Center.

Please note that due to the sensitivity of the information at the Center and hazards associated with our work, we are only able to support UAH students. High school students and students who are enrolled at other universities are not eligible to serve in any capacity at the PRC.

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PRC Administrative Offices
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