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Redstone Arsenal and Missle Defense Agency Engineers toured PRC Laboratories

On February 26, a group of Redstone Arsenal and Missile Defense Agency engineers took part in a VIP tour offered by Dr. Frederick. PRC graduate student Amit Patel, and test engineer Tony Hall presented the live test-firing of a rocket engine …

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Mentoring Lunch - Jan. 31, 2019

Eminent Scholar and Professor of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering Dr. Phillip Ligrani gave his presentation entitled, "Physical Phenomena Associated with Hypersonic Weapon Vehicles" to a "packed house". Among the numerous guests were …

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Lt. Gov. Will Ainsworth visited the UAH campus for an aerospace research tour

Lt. Gov. Will Ainsworth visited the UAH campus for an aerospace research tour on Monday, December 9, 2019. Dr. Frederick, Dr. Ligrani, and several graduate and undergraduate students offered the delegation a tour of the Propulsion Research Center …

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PRC Graduate Recognition

Dr. Shery Welsh, a UAH Alumna, now serving as the Deputy Director, S&T, Advanced Technology Directorate, at the Missile Defense Agency, presented her title "Leaning Forward in Life to Success (Be a Weirdo)" to the graduating PRC …

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Mentoring Lunches: Effectively Navigating Bureaucracy in the World of Research

Anthony Edmondson gave a presentation entitled, "Effectively Navigating Bureaucracy in the World of Research," to a capacity audience of 80 …

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Mentoring Lunches: Fluid Dynamics in Propulsion Systems

The October 2019 guest speaker at the PRC Student Mentoring Luncheon was Kristopher McDougal. He gave a brief overview of the Fluid Dynamics Branch in the Propulsion Department at the NASA Mashall Space Flight …

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