The Propulsion Research Center would like to formally congratulate the UAH Space Hardware Club (SHC) on their completion and launching of ChargerSat1, an entirely student-built CubeSat.  This project began as an application for the CubeSat Launch Initiative(CLI) in Fall, 2011.  SHC was accepted by the CLI in February, 2012 and ChargerSat1 was scheduled for launch through the US Air Force‚Äôs Operationally Responsive Space 3 mission in November, 2013.


ChargerSat1.2: Currently in Orbit

The SHC ChargerSat1 team, led by Eric Becnel (Team Leader), Matt Rodencal (Electrical Lead), Mason Manning (Software Lead), and Mark Becnel (VP for Balloon Sat), successfully designed, built, and launched a 1 kg, 10 cubic cm cubical satellite as per the CalPoly CubeSat standard.  This project resulted in three prototypes of the SHC CubeSat being designed: ChargerSat1.0, ChargerSat1.1, and ChargerSat1.2.  These are, in order, the prototype satellite, the secondary, flight-ready satellite, and the primary flight unit. 

ChargerSat1.2 is currently in orbit, launched from Wallops Island, VA on November 19th, 2013.   The satellite is currently transmitting data collected in orbit.  The launch video can be viewed here.

This accomplishment is a wonderful example of how UAH students can rise to the occasion, or above the lower atmosphere.

Author: Carolyn Boos