Featured Propulsion Class (Spring 2012)

Spring 2012: Advanced Solid Rocket Propulsion - Conventional and Distance Learning

The renewed interest in solid propulsion for the CEV and CLV has resulted in a joint NASA/UAH/Industry initiative to bring the best in the business to The University of Alabama in Huntsville to educate the next generation of solid rocket motor engineers. Take advantage of this opportunity to engage in an extensive review of solid rocket propulsion.

Topics Include:

  • Solid Rocket Motor Overview
  • Solid Rocket Motor Design
  • Ballistic Modeling and Burn Rate
  • Propellant Fundamentals
  • Combustion and Two-Phase-Flow
  • Propellant Grain Design
  • Motor Case Design
  • Thermal Protection and Insulation
  • Nozzle Design
  • Igniter Design
  • Motor Manufacturing
  • Motor Demo and Performance
  • System Engineering and Trades
  • Motor Failure
  • Solid Rocket Motor Project

MAE Advanced Solid Rocket Propulsion

Academic Syllabus; Instructor: Robert A. Frederick, Jr.

Professional Development Offering; Instructor: Robert A. Frederick, Jr.