Fission/fusion hybrid and pulsed fusion propulsion have been shown to significantly reduce the trip times for space travel. The specific approach being pursued at UAH PRC is called z-pinch. We are specifically pursuing solid density z-pinch implosion with fuel cycles that do not require cryogenic storage. Our research utilizes Charger 1, a 550 kiloJoule (kJ), 3 Terawatt (TW) pulsed power machine located on the Redstone Arsenal at the Aerophysics Research Center (ARC). Following the delivery of the hardware in May of 2012 made possible by the Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA), we have worked regularly with NASA MSFC, Boeing, and Y-12 National Security Complex to make Charger 1 operational to conduct advanced propulsion experiments. Looking ahead, we anticipate continued interest from NASA as evidenced by the ongoing support and the in space propulsion 'area of interest' listed for three different centers.

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